Payment Methods | The

Klarna konto

Klarna Account

- Split the payment with Klarna.

Split the payment with Klarna in a way that suits you, for up to 24 months. Choose how much you will pay each month (from SEK 50/month). You will receive information and an invoice from Klarna the month after your order. An invoice fee of SEK 39 will be added.

klarna faktura

Klarna Invoice

-Pay after you see and try on the dress.

Pay after trying on the dress at home. With "Invoice Me," you will receive an invoice with a 14-day payment term in your account. An invoice fee of SEK 39 will be added.


Payson betalning

Payson Payment

-Pay by credit card or pay directly with your online banking.

Payment is easy and secure with Payson. Even if you don't have a Payson account, you can quickly make the transaction through Payson. Payson collaborates with VISA, MasterCard, and every Swedish bank that offers direct payments, such as Swedbank, Handelsbanken, SEB, and Nordea. No extra fees are charged.

Payson has high-security requirements and is PCI certified by Trustwave - An international organization for secure e-shopping. All traffic is encrypted using SSL 128 bits, and all card transfers are based on the banks' "3D-secure technology."


If you have any questions about payment methods, please email us at